Hi, my name is Liam. I was born and raised in Edinburgh but am now based in London working as a designer for PulseLive. My love for design comes from a desire to understand and connect with an audience whilst simultaneously being able to warp perspective - design is my passion, not just a job! I’m extremely creative and always strive to show this throughout my work, ensuring my ideas remain fresh, on trend and to the highest standard possible. As well as being a cartoon enthusiast and having an unhealthy obsession with fonts, I use pens, paper and a pointy finger on a screen to bring imagination to life and make lots of cool things (hopefully your cool things).

I'm a huge fan of skate and surf culture and like to reflect that in my own brand. This means that I own too many flannel shirts, play in a rock band called Lost Youth and you’ll probably never see me without a hat. When I’m not designing you can catch me at a gig, spinning some records or finding the best places to eat.​​​​​​​
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